December 16, 2021

In this blog we provide sample scam letters so that consumers can see examples of fraudulent communications, so that they know how to avoid being a victim of a fraud or scam.

Sample scam letters – don’t be a victim!

Here are sample scam letters. If you have received any of these letters, or have received a similarly fraudulent communication that is not included below, please refrain from responding to them, block the sender of the correspondence, and/or contact the appropriate agency. Scam letters arrive in a number of ways, whether it be through direct …

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Inheritance scam documents are very common - don't be a victim!

Inheritance scam document (examples + checklist)

It seems as if everyone with an email address, cell phone, or internet connection is bombarded by scams trying to trick them into parting with their money. These scams occur on a widespread and consistent basis. In this article we’ll talk about inheritance scam documents, provide a checklist of signs of an inheritance scam, and …

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