Financial Consulting

Embracing the Complex

As a fee-only RIA firm in Oregon, MCS Family Wealth Advisors provides financial consulting. Personal (and business) finances include investment assets, insurance contracts, lifestyle assets and estate planning documents. Each of these categories is comprised of individual instruments. Investments include stocks, bonds, mutual funds; insurance has life, health, property and casualty, liability and long-term care policies; and estate planning involves wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. To make things even more complicated, each instrument has providers: the specific investment (company stock or bond), the insurance company providing the policy, or the attorney drawing up the estate plan.

Like an orchestra, the key is to create a balanced financial picture consisting of the right blend of financial instruments, to select the right providers for those instruments, and to harmonize these disparate pieces so that they produce a coherent and tightly coordinated sound.


We help you assemble sections of instruments and hire the best performers for your budget, performers who complement each other and work together, and we help you organize them in a way to produce the best music.

We start by collecting information about your financial life, then we sift through the data to focus on what concerns you most right now and what changes will make the greatest impact. These high impact issues are addressed up front.

Once these concerns are addressed, we seek additional ways to improve your situation and give you a better understanding of how the pieces fit together. We seek to identify which pieces are not in sync and recommend you either retune or replace them.


MCS Family Wealth Advisors provides financial consulting from 2 Oregon locations. Contact us today.