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This blog talks about portfolio stress testing.

Should I have my portfolio stress tested?

Portfolio stress testing is often sought in times of market volatility. Unfortunately, this often boils down to doing too little too late. In this blog …

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This blog talks about what fee-only financial planning is.

What is fee-only financial planning? (clear, easy definition)

In this blog, we’re going to break down what fee-only financial planning is, and we’ll provide some examples of how a fee-only financial planner can …

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We talk about if it's expensive to live in Bend Oregon in this blog.

Insider’s take: Is living in Bend Oregon expensive?

In this blog we discuss the question of if living in Bend Oregon is expensive – from an insider’s perspective. Before we get started, we …

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There are many people moving from California to Bend, Oregon and other Oregon locations.

Why are people moving from California to Bend Oregon?

Over the last few years we have seen and heard stories of a spike of people moving from California to Bend Oregon. As Oregon wealth …

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In this blog we provide sample scam letters so that consumers can see examples of fraudulent communications, so that they know how to avoid being a victim of a fraud or scam.

Sample scam letters – don’t be a victim!

Here are sample scam letters. If you have received any of these letters, or have received a similarly fraudulent communication that is not included below, …

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Inheritance scam documents are very common - don't be a victim!

Inheritance scam document (examples + checklist)

It seems as if everyone with an email address, cell phone, or internet connection is bombarded by scams trying to trick them into parting with …

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