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Asset Management Results

We believe the goal of investing is about managing risk and providing consistent positive returns. The urge to sell low and buy high is not irrational, it’s natural. It’s the product of our evolution; to run from perceived danger or risks that threaten our well-being. Staying the course in investing means finding a balance between the regret you feel not making more money when the riskiest portfolios are out performing yours vs. the security felt when your portfolio is maintaining its value while others are falling apart.

Below are two links. The first is a chart of our investment performance since the firm started in 1992. The second link is a letter from the Spaulding Group, who reviewed over 25 years of performance data and attested to the accuracy of our performance reporting.

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Spaulding Group Letter

Wealth Counseling Results

Exit Plan

A client’s business was losing about $20,000 a month, his accountant was telling him to get rid of it asap, yet he was having trouble finding a buyer. We helped him find a way out.

Finding More Retirement Income

A retired client needed to squeeze more income out of his portfolio of inherited low-basis stock. By digging deeper into the client’s goals and vision for his money, we were able to increase his income without incurring capital gains taxes when we sold the low-basis stock.