Our Story

Among his peers, Michael was an early adopter of the fiduciary advisor model.

When Michael Stalker began his career in 1983, advice was typically obtained through stockbrokers and involved buying or selling securities. He found it unsatisfying because of its limitations in creating wealth for his clients and its inherent conflicts of interest.

In response, in 1991, he founded his family wealth management practice in Newport Beach, California. Today, MCS Family Wealth Advisors is one of the few fee-only financial advisor firms in Oregon. We offer fee-only financial planning and asset management services in both Bend, Oregon and Eugene, Oregon.

Our Guiding Principles

Be Experts: Commit to professional development
Be Skeptical: Do not accept things at face value
Be Insightful: Look for hidden root causes
Be Creative: Explore non-standard solutions
Be Profitable: Offer a high value proposition
Be Unbiased: Minimize conflicts of interest

Our Passion: Manage Risk and Increase Wealth®

We want to help clients turn money into a fulfilling resource. It’s that simple. Our passion is to create economic security for our clients that enables them to focus on the betterment of their families and communities.