Wealth Stewardship

Creating Purpose and Meaning

Prudent investing is only one step in managing wealth. Wealth stewardship identifies the values and behaviors that each family member feels are important to maintain their prosperity. We can assist families explore and reconcile answers to such questions as:

As a family, what are our biggest concerns about keeping and building upon what we have?

What do we do well?  What would we like to improve?

As a wealth creator, how do I better ensure that my money does something“for” my family rather than “to” my family?

Family Human Capital

Long term family prosperity is generated and maintained by the attributes of family members. Those attributes include trust, knowledge, social and individual talents, mental and physical health. Parents routinely invest in family human capital by providing a college education for their children. Unfortunately, education alone will not ensure a family’s long term prosperity. We invite you to contact to us to learn more about how some families better ensure their long term prosperity by going well beyond the standard of investing in a college education for their children. We can offer proprietary assessment tools to help families identify and strengthen the attributes that both improve the odds of long term prosperity while mitigating the attributes that undermine it. With the assessment results and family input, a customized program can be developed to better ensure your family’s prosperity.

Fiduciary Mindset

Family Stewardship is about, among other things, fostering a fiduciary mindset among wealth creators and beneficiaries. A fiduciary mindset is one that carefully weighs the short term and long term benefits and risks of a financial decisions and acts in the best long term interests of the beneficiaries. It recognizes that prudent risk taking is a necessary component of long term prosperity. Investment is not just about buying financial assets; it can mean spending money to encourage constructive behaviors, obtain knowledge, experience and hopefully some wisdom. It’s about recognizing and fostering the natural strengths and talents within in families while mitigating their weaknesses.

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