Are We a Good Fit?

Is MCS Family Wealth Advisors the right choice?

We are a fee-only financial advisor located in Eugene and Bend, Oregon. We apply a fiduciary mindset to our role as family wealth advisors within our community.

If you are seeking a new or additional advisory relationship or just trying to understand the relationship that you currently have, we hope this section of our website helps you and we welcome your feedback.

Choosing an Advisor

Finding good articles on how to choose the right advisor, or how to decide if you need a financial advisor, can be challenging. We offer links to some of the better articles we have found, with the “Pursuit of a Financial Advisor Field Guide” the most comprehensive.

Career Opportunities

MCS Family Wealth Advisors understands the importance of providing our clients a quality team of professionals. With that in mind, we are always open to exploring opportunities with individuals that share our guiding principles and passion.