Security Checklist 2

My Devices:

  • My computer/tablet/phone requires a password before I can use it
  • Anti-virus software is installed and set to automatically update on my:
    • desktop computer
    • laptop / tablet
    • smart phone
    • children’s/spouse’s/partner’s devices
  • Operating systems, browsers, and software on all of my devices are set to automatically update
  • I set up my anti-virus software to perform periodic security scans on all of my devices
  • The items below are more complicated but are worth hiring an IT professional to accomplish:
    • I have secured my home Wi-Fi with a strong password and WPA2 + AES security
    • Remove admin rights from your user profile and create a separate Admin user

My online accounts:

  • I have strong passwords on my online accounts and devices
    • I use a password manager (recommended)
    • I keep my passwords in a secure place
  • I use two-step authentication for my email and for my other sensitive online accounts
  • My Facebook or other social media account is set so that my information is only accessible to people I know (not public or “friends of friends”)
  • I have deleted my old emails that might contain sensitive personal information

My behavior:

  • I am skeptical of calls or emails that try to scare me into making payments or sharing my personal information
  • I do not use public Wi-Fi to email or log in to websites that require a password
  • I read the MCS “Cyber and Identity Theft” article and understand how phishing uses behavioral science to break through my security barriers
  • I do not share sensitive personal information in emails or on social media
  • I am careful about who I allow to connect to my social media accounts
  • I do not send images of tax returns, financial information or personal data as attachments to my financial or legal advisers
  • I opted out of unsolicited credit card and insurance offers, marketing phone calls and mailings
  • I have a shredder or I take my sensitive trash to a secure disposal facility

My financial accounts and credit profile:

  • I open and review mail from my financial institution immediately
  • I review transactions in my debit card accounts daily, and my credit card statements monthly
  • I set up alerts to flag unusual activity on my debit and credit cards
  • I have engaged a credit monitoring service
  • I review my credit reports quarterly
  • I set a credit alert with the credit agencies and I plan to renew the alert every 90 days
  • I have frozen my credit