Thoughts on Identity Theft

I’ve been thinking about the growing issue of identity theft and the offerings in the market to address it. Since most identify theft focuses on access to money (banking and financial info), I’ve developed this review of the problem and options for addressing it.

A few years ago Jeff wrote an article on indentify theft and phishing. Around the same time, Kath and I attended an elder abuse presentation by local authorities – abuse can be physical, emotional and/or financial and includes the failure of the individual to take care of himself.

Purch’s Top Ten Reviews website offers its evaluation of the top ten identity theft services. Consumer Reports is a good resource on the issue, including this article on fighting identify theft.

One thing I’ve done is copy all the contents (front & back) of my wallet; credit cards (3), insurance card and drivers license, AAA card , etc., and create a password protected PDF of the scanned /copied image and save it in my file on our secure server. If you do the same, you can send me a pdf of the contents of your wallet and I will place in your file.