The Value of Financial Planning

At MCS Financial Advisors, our mission statement is always on our mind – how can we transform your money from a source of worry to a resource for fulfillment? As we work with you, we get to know your joys, worries, and questions. It is, in fact, those joys, worries, and questions that focus and direct our comprehensive financial planning services.

Developing a financial plan involves building a model of your current financial situation and analyzing:

  • Goals – what’s important to you and what you hope to accomplish or experience.
  • Priorities – yours, ones we identify, and the degree of alignment of priorities within the  family.
  • Net Worth – what you own and what you owe.
  • Cash Flow – your income and what it costs to live your life (now and in the future).
  • Risks – those you can and cannot control, and how you have managed them (through insurance or other means).
  • Projections – what will happen during your lifetime and at your death if you stay the course?

Building this model:

  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses, oppor-tunities, and threats in your current situation, and steps you can take both to overcome the weaknesses and threats, as well as to solidify the strengths and opportunities.
  • Serves as a basis for answering questions like, “Do I have enough money to retire? To take that cruise? To give money to my favorite cause?” Or, “Will I have to settle for mediocre care if I require long-term care?”

Investing in a financial plan may not produce immediate tangible results like the thrill of driving a new car or cooking in a new kitchen, so its value can sometimes be difficult to grasp. It’s more like an investment in a college education – money spent now for a future benefit.

So what are the benefits of financial planning? What do you get for the investment of your time and money?

  • Clarity about your financial situation – knowing exactly where things stand and what you can do.
  • A partnership with an MCS Financial Advisor who is familiar with your situation and can answer your questions in the context of your entire situation. You are no longer alone in navigating the waters of your life’s finances!
  • Peace of mind during times as turbulent and uncertain as these, and confidence in knowing that your financial affairs are in order, that you have answered nagging questions and have a trusted guide to steer you around the rough waters.

We encourage you to make the investment in your family and experience the freedom and confidence of knowing where you stand, and having a trusted MCS Financial Advisor guide you through your life decisions.