MCS Extends Its Commitment to Integrated Family Systems Advising

In October, Michael Stalker, Doug Lyons, and Joe Paul – our new consultant to families with businesses – traveled to London for the annual conference of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), an international organization for family business advisors and family wealth advisors – including attorneys, accountants, management consultants, financial advisers, insurance brokers, and therapists.

The thrust of FFI is interdisciplinary education and collaborative consulting. Currently, very few advisors (legal, financial, insurance, etc.) are multidisciplinary in their approach. Typically, advisors “solve” family wealth challenges solely through the lens of their profession; i.e., to a carpenter, every solution looks like a nail.

MCS Financial Advisors is one of very few firms committed to a truly multidisciplinary  approach within a unified practice. As MCS’s Michael Stalker observed, “Some of the most significant risks to a family’s wealth are not in their portfolio. Intangibles – like unprepared heirs, addictions, dysfunctional relationships, values conflicts, poor communication, or lack of shared purpose – can unravel a legacy in single generation.”

As an extension of that commitment, we recently added Joe Paul to our team – an internationally recognized expert in family business consulting. Next issue we will present his biography in detail. Joe’s decision to join MCS Financial Advisors is an important expression of ongoing commitment to provide innovative wealth management services to our clients.