Michael C. Stalker

MCS Extends Its Commitment to Integrated Family Systems Advising

In October, Michael Stalker, Doug Lyons, and Joe Paul – our new consultant to families with businesses – traveled to London for the annual conference of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), an international organization for family business advisors and family wealth advisors – including attorneys, accountants, management consultants, financial advisers, insurance brokers, and therapists. The […]

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What’s the Money For?

The primary reason I joined MCS was because its culture and philosophy emphasize not only responsible asset management and long-term planning, but equally the freedom to enjoy spending. That’s right, to enjoy spending. Earing, accumulating, and preserving principal are noble and necessary steps, but once the “game has been won” we often see clients exhibiting

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Perspective on the Bond Market Turmoil

These changes are unprecedented and will ultimately represent some excellent investment opportunities. Nevertheless, because the changes also impact your holdings you should know what to expect going forward. Economic BackgroundThe housing market meltdown that we forecasted and discussed at length in previous newsletters continues to plague financial institutions. The losses are so significant, they are

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Don’t Get Burned by the Financial Planner Name Game

We have posted this pamphlet to help you understand the differences in the qualities of services provided by people that claim to be different levels of financial planners. The pamphlet is a great resource in helping you distinguish what level of financial services you should expect and how to determine what a planners credentials mean.

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Understanding a Financial Advisor’s Standard of Care

The sale of a business, a divorce, inheritance or retirement marks major turning points in someone’s life. Wealth is in transition; its purpose is likely changing. The financial adviser plays a critical role during these times. The term ‘financial adviser’ is a generic expression applied to a variety of financial industry service providers. Stock brokers,

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Moving to Higher Ground

A major earthquake, in the form of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, has unleashed a tsunami that will engulf most residential housing markets and have significant repercussions for the economy in general. One big cause of the disturbance can be traced back to financial engineering, in the form of exotic mortgage backed securities and E Z credit

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Client Referral

We would like to more fully promote the same process at MCS Financial Advisors. Since we are looking to gradually expand our family of clients, we could think of no better way to do this than to invite members of our current client family to help. Do you have friends or relatives who are frustrated

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