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Shoulder to Shoulder in the Wealth Management Journey

The road to wealth – and the route chosen to pass it on to succeeding generations – is deeply personal. Beneath the surface of wealth ownership, management, governance, and inheritance are living breathing human beings. Each family presents a complex array of talents, abilities, perspectives, desires, and weaknesses. It is the complexity of these relationships […]

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California Crisis

Municipal Bonds Play Foil to State Budget Crisis MCS Financial Advisors has purchsed for its clients taxable and tax-exempt bonds from a diverse array of California municipalities. We have no significant exposure to California general obligation (GO) bonds, the subject of much discussion in financial communities and the media. The state’s budget crisis and the

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The Emotional Ledger

Com-pen-sa-tion noun 1: payment 2: an attempt to make up for an injury, loss, or imbalance THERE ARE TWO ASPECTS of the word compensate that make things complicated in family businesses. The first is rather straightforward; it has to do with a financial ledger. It is simply about money and benefits given in return for

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MCS Financial Advisors’ Focus on Risk Management Pays Off – Big Time

Those who have been with me for decades have patiently listened to or read a recurring theme: Contrary to what Wall Street firms repeat ad nauseam, long-term investing in risky assets does not always make you more money. Nor does it make sense to blindly hold risky assets for the (undefined) long run. As a

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The Tsunami Arrives

In my fall 2007 newsletter article titled “Moving to Higher Ground,” I wrote, “A major earthquake, in the form of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, has unleashed a tsunami that will engulf most residential housing markets and have significant repercussions for the economy in general.”  And, “I have begun selling stocks in client portfolios in order

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